TMJ Disorder Symptoms

TMJ disorder symptoms

Symptoms or warning signs your headache may be from TMJ Disorder:

Some patients are often diagnosed with migraines and typically prescribed meds which many times offer brief or little relief.  Often physicians can’t find anything wrong, even after taking MRIs and CT scans.  Also, many patients seek out ENT due to ear pressure/ache with no clinical sign of infection being present.  With TMJ Disorder, the headaches and muscle aches are secondary to the disorder in the joint, and if properly treated, the TMD headaches and muscle pain can improve greatly, and in many cases, disappear.   Current popular treatment modalities like botox, trigger point injections, and muscle relaxers only treat the symptoms of TMD, not the etiology or source of the pain.


Even the slightest misalignment of your TMJ can cause muscular distress that leads to headaches and other symptoms.

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How to tell if your headaches are caused by TMJ Disorder:

  • Your Jaw Clicks Or Pops
  • Headaches : You have pain around your forehead and sinus, temples, back of the head or radiating down your neck. These headaches can be migraines or mimic sinus pressure.
  • Limited Opening – Your jaw has difficulty opening or closing and sometimes your teeth feel like they don’t “fit together right.”
  • Sensitive Teeth-
  • Ear Pain or Pressure – Many patients feel like they have an ear infection.
  • Pain or Pressure Behind the Eye and Pain Radiating Down the Jaw.
  • Ringing in the Ears, Dizziness, or Lightheadedness
  • Neck and Shoulder Stiffness


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Training and Credits

Dr. Scott trained under Dr. Euguene Williamson, who developed a technique of jaw repositioning movements and orthotics to treat the disc displacements through repair and regeneration.  These methods aim to recapture the displacement and reduce pressure in the joint on these tissues.  Dr. Williamson has taught and researched this method for over 40 years with over 100 publications citing the success of these methods.  Williamson’s procedures have been proven clinically, to be over 95% successful non surgically and is based upon clinical experiences and Williamson’s research as reported in professional journals.  Dr. Scott also reads and studies topics in TMJ disorders, but mostly credits his mentor and friend, Dr. Eugene Williamson, with the foundation for the treatment modalities he uses to treat patients with TMJ Disorder.

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